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I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I received my post-graduate education in Texas.  Three overseas business opportunities (via the American Embassy in TokyoLondon, and Rome) have expanded both my personal and professional outlook on life.  This refined global perspective is of great benefit when providing services to foreign nationals who invest and/or conduct business in the United States.    

My education, along with, my life experiences in Texas, Washington, D.C., and outside the United States have had a direct and material impact on the types of services I provide in my capacity as a lawyer, accountant, and business consultant.  My services include:        

  •  Washington Government Relations and Select Public Policy Issues.
  •  Business Aspects of National Security.
  •  Foreign Investment in the United States. 
  • Matters pertaining to American Embassy Families.       
  • Strategic Planning for Entrepreneurs and Business Entities. 
  • Instigating and Facilitating Positive Life Strategies for Texans 50 and older.
  • Tax & Estate Planning, including Texas Probate. 

I have a very basic level of understanding of Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and French.     

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